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Last weekend, I stopped briefly by Eastern Market to see if there was anything that I just had to buy. There wasn’t, but I did get caught in the crossfire between two deli counters in the middle of South Hall. Too bad I couldn’t flip on my camera’s video function quick enough to capture it.

The guys at the decidedly pro-Redskins Market Poultry were giving the Cowboys-loving clerk across the aisle some shit about the smackdown that Minnesota was delivering to Dallas in a second-round playoff game. The clerk delivered the best retort: “What time are the Redskins on?”

The beauty about Market Poultry is nothing seems to get the employees down — not clever comebacks, not working on the weekend, and certainly not a lackluster Redskins season. They crank up  the old school music, wrap up those chicken parts, and do it all with a laugh and, occasionally, some nice moves.