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We do, but not the way you’re thinking. Our friends tend to get us wacky beer-related gifts when they travel. You may recall the Saudi couple bottle covers given to us by a State Department friend posted in Riyadh last year, for example.

A few weeks ago a good friend returned from a European vacation with Manufaktura Beer Shower Gel from a Czech company that makes an entire line of health and beauty products from beer.

A roughly-translated description from the Manufaktura website:

Beer Tradition Manufaktura Cosmetics is based on centuries-old tradition of the Czech beer, which is thanks to its exceptional quality generally recognized as the best in the world. Its unique strong taste, delicious hop bitterness, full flavour, clearness and gorgeous golden colour are highly appreciated. This toothsome beverage has been brewed in Bohemia since time immemorial. The first written mentions date back to 10th century. The unique climatic effects for hop-growing, centuries-old experience of our brewers and traditional production procedures contribute significantly to the unrepeatable quality and taste of the Czech beer.

Beer is a unique source of all B vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which significantly support skin regeneration and boost its resistance to adverse environmental effects. The hop cleans, calms and softens skin. These evident soothing effects have inspired Manufaktura to produce original beer cosmetics range. All the products contain the pure Czech beer, brewer’s yeast or hop extract and are attended by delicious bitter-sweet flavour. The cosmetics is partly handmade and not tested on animals.

Beerculture.org has a comical review of several Manufaktura Beer Tradition products as is if they were drinkable beers. Hey, if it looks like beer, smells like beer, and pours like beer then why not? We won’t be drinking the stuff but plan to at least use it as hand soap.