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Oyamel chef Joe Raffa

First it was a Penn Quarter chatter who wanted to know why everyone kisses José Andrés‘ ass. Now it’s Restaurant Rater, DanniZ, who takes down the celebrity chef for charging for chips and salsa at Oyamel. (To be clear, the first round of chips and salsa is free here; after that, you pay $4 per refill.)

DanniZ’s also bent out of shape about paying $13 for tableside guacamole, a crime compounded by the fact that the serving didn’t even include tomatoes. The Rater’s none too pleased about the service, either, though, in a moment of charity, DanniZ does admit liking the fish tacos at Oyamel. (Ah, tacos, here are some more recs.)

In the end, this Restaurant Rater would rather go to a place in Burke, Va., than Oyamel. Take a read:

Food was alright. I wasn’t too impressed. I find it absolutely ridiculous that at a Mexican restaurant, you have to pay for your chips and salsa, I don’t care if the first one is free! If little hole in the wall Mexican restaurants can afford it, Oyamel, I’m sure you can too! Not to mention their guac is $13!!!! Sure they make it right in front of you (Again, big woop! I can make guacamole too. It’s not that hard), but come on! It was extremely spicy, so much so that I didn’t even really want to eat it that bad and theirs didn’t include any tomatoes which is usually a staple for guacamole.

The service was not great either. I was there at 3pm on a Sunday, so it was very slow. I believe there were, maybe 6 other tables. Our waiter was MIA most of the time. Our empty chip basket and salsa dish (which went fast due to the lack there of) sat on our table for over 20 minutes (my boyfriend and I had a bet) while busers and waiters, including our own, walked by it like 50 times.

I will say, the fish taco I got was very good, but thats about the only good thing I experience there.

Overall, extremely disappointed in pretty much every aspect of this restaurant. Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I’d recommend La Tolteca in Burke, VA. Absolute best Mexican restaurant EVA!!!)

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery