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Dan Keleman outside his forthcoming Silver Spring bagel shop

Last week, I shamefully teased you about a story of two kosher bagel shops with the same name, Goldberg’s New York Bagels. I hinted there might be strife between the owners now that one of them was planning to open another store under the same name in Silver Spring.

Then I left you hanging like George Lucas in The Empire Strikes Back (OK, reality check: I don’t really compare this blog to an iconic sci-fi flick from the ’80s, but it did seem like a classic example of a cliffhanger, yes? Besides, I didn’t make you wait three years for a conclusion.)

I have to admit that, for the most part, I made you wait because I wanted to get all the facts before I laid out this unusual tale between two former partners in the bagel business. I’m glad I did. It turns out to be a rather surreal story, with a surprising scene-stealing ending. You can read it here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery