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The problem with ketchup is that Heinz, the only brand worth buying, is shot full of high-fructose corn syrup. This presents a problem for anyone who, like me, has two kids who eat, like, a gallon of ketchup per week. It’s enough heartache to watch them dunk meticulously sourced, beautifully cooked food into it like they’re plunging wrench handles in Plasti Dip. I don’t want to worry about mercury, or propping up a food system I don’t totally agree with.

For a while now, the two adults in my house have been making our own peanut butter. Recently, the adult who is not me decided to try her hand at ketchup. She used this recipe, but there are plenty others out there. The youngest child who lives in my house does not like this ketchup, but the older one loves it. I think it’s pretty good. Not as tasty as Heinz, but life in the future is about weak reading lights, expensive produce, and managed sadness.

Here is my peanut butter recipe:

A cup or two of peanuts, “roasted” usually, but I want to try boiled ones sometime. Honey roasted make great peanut butter!

Place peanuts in food processor, and turn on.

You’ll have to stop the food processor once in a while to flatten out the bolus that’ll develop. Eventually it pancakes itself into a mass of creamy, delicious peanut butter. Using a rubber spatula, place this peanut butter in a jar. It’s best if you let it chill in the fridge for a while before you first eat it, but no foul if you can’t wait.

Photographs by Ewa Beaujon