Our week of rampant carnivorism is almost upon us, and many of you have apparently been bombarding our captain with questions about just what the hell is Meat Week? Or how do you participate? How much does it cost? Do you have to go every night? Does it come with a free prescription of Lipitor?

Fortunately, Mike Bober at Capital Spice has the answers to all your barbecue-related Meat Week questions. But he also has one more thing: the menu for Wednesday night’s sneak preview of Pork Barrel BBQ, which looks to include both brisket and pulled pork. We’ll have to see which side of the Texas-Carolina barbecue axis the Pork Barrel crew knows best.

In the meantime, start starving yourself now so you’ll be ready for Meat Week’s opening gorge-fest: a 7 p.m. meat up atUrban Bar-BQuein Rockville. Oh, the smoke is already filling my nostrils! 

Photo illustration by Brooke Hatfield