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Oprah not only turns books into bestsellers, but her very name also generates clicks on lowly little food blogs. I’m thinking I’ll put Oprah’s name on every blog headline from now on. Just think: Even Oprah Wants Michael Landrum to Open a Hell Burger in Adams Morgan!

Yep, Oprah and Michael Pollan‘s chat session was the No. 1 post this week (*). Here’s the Top 5:

  1. Michael Pollan to Oprah: Food Is Alive and Should Die (*)
  2. Was the Winner of Our Restaurant Week Contest a Ringer?
  3. Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church: Can You Please Open Already?
  4. Former WaPo Reporter Looks at D.C. Public Schools’ New “Fresh Cooked” Lunch Program
  5. Tasting Table Makes Its D.C. Debut Today

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a popular item among readers, but we’ve stopped counting it.