This week’s taste test was Bell’s Hopslam a hot topic on Twitter when the limited seasonal double IPA hit stores last month. So now that the dust has settled, what did everyone think? @BrianDau noted the same overwhelming fruity aromas I did:

@BrianDau: Hopslam: Even my sorry excuse for a nose can pick up the grapefruit and pineapple aromas. Does not taste like a 10% ABV beer.

Commenter David offered a lone voice of dissent — in journalism, this is what we call “balancing our sources.”

I was underwhelmed. Not for the lack of hops but for the lack of depth and character. I didn’t particularly enjoy it when compared to the slightly sweeter (if memory serves) DFH 90 Minute IPA. Too bland and boring for the price.

But the comment of the week belongs to Jon, who unleashed a tirade that takes to task naysayers, extreme hop lovers, and price-gouging merchants — all in the name of love for his beer:

What HopSlam IS: Well-crafted and unique, balanced and scarily drinkable, despite its 10% ABV. Anyone who considers this beer “bland” should have their tastebuds checked. What HopSlam is NOT: A hop bomb that will strip your tongue of all feeling. If you are looking for something similar to the astringency of Arrogant Bastard, move along. The honey that isa used as part of the brewing process imparts a delicious background sweetness that complements (and compliments) the floral, citrusy Centennial hops that give this brew its unique flavor. The only offensive thing about this beer is the obscene prices that some retailers have chosen to foist on area beer drinkers. $24.99, Westover? $22.99, Whole Foods. You should be ashamed.