You probably figured this one out already. Local Meat Week organizer Mike Bober has decided to call off tomorrow’s final gathering at Mr. P’s Ribs & Fish in the Safeway parking lot at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE.

“We can either revisit later in the month or — maybe easier — plan to finish on the Meat Week half-anniversary by doing it in early July,” e-mails Bober earlier today.

It’s a good thing Bober decided to cancel. When he called Mr. P, the barbecue man said he wasn’t even planning to be at the Safeway lot today, let alone tomorrow, when the Snowmageddon hits.

As far as tonight’s trip to Branded ’72 in Rockville, Bober is leaving it up to you. “I’m encouraging folks to use their judgment,” he pings me. “If they live in Rockville and can make it, have fun.”

Just don’t look for Bober. He’s staying home and making pizza.

Speaking of Meat Week, there is a non-Meat Week Meat Week now. It’s called Meat-FREE Week and it starts, ahem, tomorrow. More on that later today.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery