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Reader Dana Thompson had a few choice words for Young & Hungry following my rant this morning on crisis shopping and my suggestion that people turn to Target instead of their local grocery store. Dana Thompson wrote the following rebuttal rant, which I liked enough to ask to publish on the blog.

Dana Thompson agreed but warned Y&H not to “claim my words as yours.” So, without further ado, I give you Dana Thompson’s rebuttal rant, in Dana Thompson’s own words (along with Dana Thompson’s photo above):

Contrary to your statement about the civility of Target – Columbia Heights Target was full of ravenous adults looking for any possible surface to plop their children on and push down a hill on Rock Creek Park only to lead to injury or death. Maybe you were in Virginia somewhere.

I was combated by every Tom, Dick and Jane with a 3 year old in tow searching for junk food and thick socks. The amazing part is that people stand frozen in time in the middle of aisles and walkways as if they have never left their homes. Their shear lack of acknowledgment of other foolish people (read: me) doing the same thing was amazing. You would truly believe the world was coming to an end and all lactose intolerant people decided to go to town on milk (see image) – therefore making massive toilet paper purchases also a necessity (too much?).

Well, hopefully the person I saw attempting to transport their new 42 inch flat screen TV enjoys the Super Bowl.

Photo and rant by Dana Thompson