Rumors of restaurant closings are serious business. Serious enough that I just can’t let them sit there without some sort of official response. So after my colleague Todd Kliman at the Washingtonian Tweeted today that “Inox is closing, according to a trusted source of mine,” I called the McLean restaurant to get its side of the rumor-mongering.

After all, I remember talking to a person inside Citronelle who said rumors of its closure in Georgetown had impacted business.

Chef Jon Mathieson quickly returned my call and noted, “Yeah, we’re closed today and tomorrow.” But he said, weather permitting, Inox will be back open and operating on Monday. (In fact, the chef wasn’t completely giving up on Saturday night; he said Inox managers and owners would make a final decision after the storm had passed.)

Given Kliman’s apparent confidence level in reporting the rumor via Twitter, I gently pressed Mathieson, asking if there were any financial problems that might prevent the restaurant from moving forward into the future.

The chef’s response: “Not that I know of.”