Unless you have been traveling, you probably haven’t yet had the chance to sip on BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin, which for a few proud months claimed the mantle of being the world’s strongest beer. (See our November post inaugurating its brief reign here, as well this addendum by the Beerspotter). At 32% ABV, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is nothing to sneeze at. And yet,  already the ABV arms race has yielded a new champion.

Behold! German brewery Schorschbräu has produced Schorschbock 40%. This Eisbock clocks in at 39.44% ABV and, for the moment, is the strongest beer money can buy. And, come to think of it, you’ll need a lot of that. The beer sells for about $136 per bottle. But even if you have the cash, don’t get your hopes up. The brewery made just 15 bottles. Smells to us like a cheap stunt to claim the strongest beer title (as the label proudly declares) without actually supplying it to anyone. Does it count? Maybe, but at least BrewDog made enough Tactical Nuclear Penguin to allow people a taste. Unfortunately the behemoth of a “beer” is getting pretty mixed reviews.

Photo courtesy of Schorschbräu