The Chinese government is considering a ban on dog meat in the country, which has consumed the animal for centuries without much of a moral burp. But according to this Al Jazeera report, the budding Chinese middle class has started to adopt the Western habit of pet ownership, making many queasy about skinning and butchering Snoopy for dinner.

I have to admit that few issues reveal my hypocrisy on flesh eating like dog meat. No doubt because Carrie and I dote on this little creature at home. I feel some sympathy for the Chinese who enjoy their dog meat and must now consider going, alas, cold turkey. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I could eat dog meat myself, but I cannot attack another culture’s meat-eating habits when I, myself, regularly eat (and savor) an animal considered holy in another culture.

I have no doubt that if I befriended a pig or cow or chicken (though likely not a turkey, the mean bastards), I’d never want to eat pork or beef or fried chicken again. This is why I never plan to befriend a pig or cow or chicken.

So where do you stand on the consumption of dog meat?