Ristorante Tosca and chef Massimo Fabbri are ready to serve you

It goes without saying (but here we go anyway) that ingredients and employees are the life blood of the restaurant industry and that, without them, no eatery can remain open. Both have been in short supply over the past couple of days.

But as the roads become clearer, and the Sysco trucks get back on the streets, restaurants are starting to normalize their operating hours. Far more places are open for service today than yesterday, although Taylor Gourmet had to close because the owners’ delivery guy couldn’t make it to Philly for Sarcone’s rolls.

Still, even without Taylor, more and more restaurants were promising to reopen today, even if they were reopening with limited menus (because of those supply problems) or limited service. Here is the working list of open eateries. Please add to it in the comments section as you hear of others.

Open for business (limitations or specials are noted next to the restaurant/bar/coffee shop, if appropriate):