It’s out with the old at Poste Moderne Brasserie

UPDATE: 12:00 p.m. Friday

Poste Moderne Brasserie, chef Robert Weland’s outpost of contemporary American cooking, will close on Monday for renovations to the main dining room and lounge. The first phase of the plan calls for the restaurant to remain shuttered for 12 days while crews tackle the more disruptive work, from redoing the floors to replacing the bar tops.

Poste will then reopen on Saturday, Feb. 27, as the second stage of the renovation plan continues in the off hours. Crews will use these periods to install new furniture, lighting fixtures (indoor and outdoor), artwork and photography, and carpet. The renovations should be finished by this summer.

The move is designed to align Poste closer to Weland’s philosophy of seasonal, sustainable cooking.

“The restaurant has been open for 8 years now, and we thought it was time for a little refresh,” e-mails Kimpton spokeswoman Charissa Benjamin. “Kimpton felt it was important for us to reinvest in the business and to keep it looking fresh and current. The look and feel of the restaurant will reflect Rob’s eco-friendly and sustainable mission. Lots of warm undertones, green hues, recycled glass lighting, etc.”

Even the renovation process itself is aiming for earth friendly. According to a press release: “New floor boards will not be installed, but rather the restaurant has opted for the more waste-reducing and cost-effective alternative of refinishing and staining the existing floor boards.”

Of course that only goes so far. The very next item in the release notes that “All countertops in both the bar and Atrium (lounge) areas will be replaced with new granite.”

The San Francisco-based Puccini Group is leading the redesign and, in its Poste remodel plan, the group is dropping a bunch of Cali, sunshine-and-pinot-scented words to describe the project:

 The entry experience at Poste is fresh and enchanting as guests walk through the atrium. The new concept is a modern Orangerie, a lush, soothing environment with a color palette inspired by spring’s new growth. The furniture is a collection of rich handcrafted reclaimed woods, alongside English garden furniture, designed for lazy afternoons in the sunshine. Overall, the radiant color palette is invigorating to the senses. As day turns to night, glowing lights cast their rays upon guests who rest their stems and enjoy the company of their companions.

The color palette continues through the dining room with the organic wood-grain inspired plush carpets and the new booth upholstery in crisp greens and earthy tones. The large expo kitchen feature is adorned with artfully photographed fresh produce, embellished with filters to accentuate the natural colors. The images further reinforce Poste’s commitment to sustainability and use of local products, as they are photographed in the Poste Restaurant garden.

I suspect Puccini means “orangery.” Regardless, I’m sure Team Kimpton will make sure the new Poste speaks a language far closer to Weland’s, which is not flowery at all, but tough and modern and sustainable and cool.

Weland and Kimpton, by the way, plan to use the unplanned vacation wisely.

“Rob and his team plan on using the down time (during the closure) as an opportunity to re-train staff on service, wine, food, etc.,” Benjamin notes in an e-mail. “Emily Wines, she’s the Master Sommelier and Director of Wines for Kimpton (yes that’s her real last name) will be in town during the closure and will work on full seminars and wine training for all the staff. I guess it’ll be like summer (or snow) camp.”