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Don’t ask why, but the other day, I started thinking about how chefs and food writers are alike, how our similarities may outweigh our differences. Maybe I was hoping both sides in this parasitic relationship could see each other with more clarity. Or maybe I was just looking for another blog item.

Whatever, below are a few of the similarities (add more in the comments section, if you wish or, conversely, explain the differences). Chefs and food writers both:

  • Are only as good as our last meal/column;
  • Have to find new ways to do the same thing over and over again;
  • Would rather get properly pissed than work on a Saturday night;
  • Have more competition than ever;
  • Enjoy increased public visibility in recent years;
  • Hate the increased public scrutiny in recent years;
  • Listen to people who think we have the best jobs in the world;
  • Listen to people who think they can do our jobs better than us;
  • Cuss more than the average person on the job;
  • Get yelled at more than the average person on the job;
  • Have some form of alcohol within arm’s length at our work spaces;
  • Don’t have to wear a suit or dress to work;
  • Wasted too much money on education for such low-paying work;
  • Dream of becoming a best-selling author; and
  • Understand that our work becomes “waste” the next day.

Photo by Barto via Creative Commons, Attribution License