SAVOR this, SAVOR that. We know some you probably prefer the tents-in-the-park version of a beer festival to what you might view as an overpriced, pretentious foodie event. But for beer afficionados like us who are willing to exchange a hefty chunk of our hard-earned cash for the chance to drink some of the country’s best craft beers poured by the brewers who made them, SAVOR news is always welcome.

SAVOR tickets go on sale today at 12:00 EST. The three-and-a-half-hour food and beer tasting session will be on June 5 at the National Building Museum and admission is $95. This year’s event will feature over 35 different dishes paired with 136 beers from 68 American breweries. Some of the breweries the Lagerheads are most looking forward to having in DC for the event include New Belgium, Boulevard, Full Sail, Left Hand, Lost Abbey, Odell, and Two Brothers.

If you are undecided you better make up your mind fast because tickets are likely to go quickly. Last year the event sold out over two months in advance, and so many former SAVOR attendees took advantage of last week’s pre-sale that tickets allotted for advance sales were gone within a few days.

Another indication of how high demand will be for tickets this year is, according to the SAVOR website, despite the extra charge of $30, tickets for educational “salons” for private tastings and panel-led pairings are already sold out. Again, we hope that additional salon tickets will be released for the general sale just as regular admission tickets will be, but the rather final-looking “Sold Out’ graphic beside each salon listing suggests otherwise.

This is a real pity because tickets selling out before the general public sale date means that only previous SAVOR attendees, Brewers Association members, and American Homebrewers Association members had access to the sessions, and that doesn’t leave an opportunity for new craft beer converts to enjoy the educational side of the event.

If you are still on the fence, perhaps the video above, the handy work of Stone Brewing Company CEO Greg Koch, will help you decide. The clip highlights the craft beer industry’s agenda for the event, which is to help elevate the status of beer with regard to food and dining, and is just mouth-watering enough to twist your…tongue.