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If you haven’t read it yet, check out Rend Smith‘s excellent summation of Nick Cho‘s sales tax woes. The former mad man at Murky Coffee won’t be doing any jail time, but he still has a price to pay:

Namely $190,000 in back taxes and penalties. Reports Smith:

In order to pay the tax money he owes, Cho has worked out a payment plan, which appears on a D.C. Superior Court document defining his probation. Cho will have to make an initial payment of $276.41, due on March 4. After 11 consecutive payments, the monthly amount due will increase to $3.900.00.

You might wonder how Cho is going to pay back all that money given he’s no longer GM at Chinatown Coffee Co.

Here’s your answer: He’s back selling beans. His own this time. Cho and Trish Rothgeb, a roastmaster who apparently doubles as Cho’s girlfriend, have started Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, which sells bags over at Bakeshop in Clarendon.

Tasting Table DC has tried the couple’s first release and writes that it’s a “clean, chocolaty blend of heirloom varietals from Colombia.” It’s also $12 per bag. More small-batch blends are on the way. More outlets at which to buy them, too.

Nick Cho has bills to pay, baby.

Photo bycerbuside Creative Commons Attribution License