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If you haven’t noticed, Y&H has been obsessed with fried chicken lately, Maryland and otherwise. I think it’s because fried chicken is the one dish that, above all others,  can inspire fear, loathing, and adoration. In the wrong hands, it can be a tasteless hunk of bird meat, simultaneously oily and dry.

But when handled by a skilled practitioner, fried chicken is one of those rare plates that brings both country folk and urban dweller to the table, each searching for new superlatives to capture that perfect, well-seasoned balance of crispy skin to moist flesh.

In this video, the Lee Bros. give us some insight into their ideal fried chicken, courtesy of Charles Gabriel, chef and owner of Rack & Soul in New York City.

Later today,  I’ll point you to an unusual outlet for superb fried chicken, a Maryland pub that time has forgot.