Y&H received a tip this morning that Teatro Goldoni, which earlier this month fired its celebrated chef Enzo Fargione, has apparently just canned its general manager, too. At least one cook may have quit as well.

“Apparently no one is very happy about the drastic changes or the new retro concept the owner wants to implement,” says the anonymous tipster.

The owner is Michael Kosmides, who told Y&H last week that he had to dismiss his chef because “customers weren’t responding to the changes he made in the menu…Our sales declined significantly since he changed the menu and concept.”

A spokeswoman for Teatro confirmed that GM Denny Lyon no longer works at the K Street restaurant. She couldn’t yet confirm any details, like whether Lyon quit or was fired, or anything about the cooks.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, a Y&H reader wrote that she and her husband ate at Teatro on Saturday, post-Fargione. Marykay77 wasn’t impressed:

I was there for dinner on Saturday with my husband. The dining room looked like a funeral procession of mourning servers. There was no bit to it. The maitre d’ older gentleman with white hair was as rude as he could be with the party that was sat before us as well…..bad day or poor customer service?

The food looked and tasted like a photobrushed postcard of Teatro’s better days: mediocre in taste and rough in execution. The pasta was very good.

On our way out a disco dance music from the 80’s started playing full blast: 8:35 pm. Is this restaurant really turning into a disco type gathering place for the youngsters? They told me a new menu will be starting soon: do not count on my vote for your re election.