I have no idea how long Colorado Cafe has been around on Colorado Avenue NW in Brightwood, but it’s just a few doors down from the late, lamented (and long ago demolished) Colorado Kitchen, home of chef Gillian Clark‘s homey gourmet comforts and ur-mom rules.

I snapped this photo last night, long after the coffee shop had closed for the day. Today, I tried to call the cafe, but it has no listed phone number. Seriously.

So I called Clark instead. She was familiar with the business that’s obviously trying to exploit the good Colorado Kitchen name that she developed and nurtured for years.

“They’ve duped some people,” Clark says via the phone from her kitchen at the General Store in Silver Spring.

Clark believes that the coffee shop changed ownership about a year ago — and changed names soon thereafter. She says she has trademarked the name “Colorado Kitchen” and its logo.

So has Clark thought about suing the owners of Colorado Cafe?

Nah, she says. “If it helps them sell coffees and their stale bagels, I’m not going to get too upset.”