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Carrie and I were baffled by the name “Irish Triplets,” which we spotted on Molly Malone’s St. Patrick’s Day drinks menu this past weekend, though we did have fun speculating on its origins and definition.

Carrie figured it was every heterosexual man’s fantasy. I figured it was every single man’s domestic nightmare.

The bartender finally explained that “Irish Triplets” is the politically correct name for the more familiar (and more insensitive) cocktail known as the Irish Car Bomb, which has (you guessed it!) three ingredients. Our bartender didn’t seem to care what it was called. She was just happy with its price tag, which runs a steep $10 when not on the St. Paddy’s Day specials list. That’s an easy two bucks for her, maybe more depending on how bombed one gets.

Carrie and I ordered some Irish Triplets (god, Charles Burke Cronin Oat must think we’re all a bunch of prissy, piss-artist gobshites over here) and the bartender helpfully split the drink into two glasses (and two shot glasses) for us. Otherwise, as she rightly pointed out, the drink would quickly curdle before Carrie and I could share it. 

We dropped our shot-bombs into our Guinness and chugged. The bartender swears this mixture tastes like a milkshake, and it does to the extent that the drink’s creamy and sweet flavors tend to dominate. But the subtle alcohol burn of Jameson Irish Whisky ensures that this cocktail will never be mistaken for a Nutty Irishmanor some other girly drink.

The best part about the Irish Triplets/Irish Car Bomb? It actually provided some more colors and flavors to Molly Malone’s essentially one-note Guinness.