With all due respect to my colleague, Metrocurean, I don’t think the macaroon is the next cupcake, not unless you’ve got the bank to hang out at Adour or Restaurant Eve. I think another French treat is more likely to supplant the little frosted cakes in the hearts of Washingtonians: crepes.

Why? First off, because the tissue-thin pancakes are tasty and easy to eat on the go (although they can quickly turn rubbery if the batter is over-mixed, as Carrie and I learned this weekend when we bought a Nutella pancake from the newish Crepes on the Walk in Chinatown).

Second, crepes are far easier to make than macaroons — and don’t require as many ingredients, which makes them more attractive to potential businesses.

Third, crepes can swing both ways, sweet and savory, which means you don’t have to have the sweet tooth of a 5-year-old to enjoy them.

And finally, creperies are starting to mushroom around the area, much like cupcakeries have. Aside from Crepes on the Walk, there are two more recent additions to the scene: Crepe Amour in Georgetown and the Choupi crepe cart in Arlington. More are, no doubt, on the way.