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We were on the fence about heading up to Baltimore for the James Watt event at Max’s tonight, mainly because I (Tammy) haven’t put much effort into finding a partner in crime (which can be difficult on a weeknight). But that was until we got wind that the BrewDog co-founder will be bringing two of his most sought-after beers with him.

According to a comment from the Scottish renegade brewer himself on a Beer In Baltimore post about tonight’s event, both Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the 32%-ABV imperial stout aged in two sets of whiskey barrels and then frozen at negative 20 degrees Celsius, and Sink the Bismarck!, the 41%-ABV IPA brewed to take down German brewery Schorschbräu‘s attempt at the strongest beer in the world, will be poured.

Skeptics might suggest it was just some fizzy-yellow-beer-drinking bully who signed in posing as James Watt to play a practical joke on all us beer geeks, but we are willing to take the chance. Even if the two big-hitting beers aren’t there, Max’s lineup includes over 20 BrewDog beers (details in our calendar) and a chance to meet one of the most innovative brewers in the world. We’d say that’s worth it.

Photo by Bernt Rostad used under a Creative Commons license