Westvleteren 12, the widely regarded best beer in the world, is also a bitch to get a hold of — it’s made by Saint Sixtus abbey, the smallest of Belgians six historic trappist breweries, and formerly only available at the brewery in the country’s West Flanders region. That is, unless you bought it on eBay or through a number of other gray market outlets, often for a small fortune. But now De Struise, a world-class Belgian brewery in its own right, is making the rarefied beer available at uninflated prices — just 4 euro plus shipping — on their webshop, beernews.org reports.

Holster your credit cards, though; the first batch sold out in 13 minutes on Sunday, and Monday’s batch is gone as well. But keep an eye on the Struise shop, because even with the 26 euro shipping cost, it’s several Restaurant Eve dinners cheaper than unapproved webshops, which reportedly can reach prices of $670.