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Unlike most Jack-slugging rocks stars, Maynard James Keenan has good reason for wanting to enter the wine business. The Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman comes from a family of winemakers in Northern Italy.

So it’s fascinating to watch Keenan position himself and Eric Glomski as the maverick rock ‘n’ roll winemakers in this new documentary, Blood into Wine, which screens at the Arlington Cinema N’ Drafthouse on April 22. Perhaps rightly so, too. It takes some serious cojones to charge up to $100 a bottle for Caduceus Cellars wine produced in Arizona.

Given the mystical, rock ‘n’ roll risk-taking tone of this trailer, it seems clear that Keenan and the filmmakers were worried about making the musician sound like a sell-out to the upmarket world of fine wine. Or of making him seem like a tool, lowercase.

So has anyone tried one of his wines?