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Yes, I realize it’s a little after-the-fact to tell you about pysanky, the Ukrainian-style Easter eggs that make those PAAS kit wannabes look like child’s play (which, come to think of it, they are).

A few years ago, our friend, Gina,introduced Carrie and I to the joys of hardcore hanky-pysanky. Yes, that sounds dirty, and the batik process of creating a pysanka (singular) is indeed a messy business. Your hands will get stained for hours. But the kistka-oriented process is so much more fun, and the results more satisfying when you finally wipe off those layers of wax, than your traditional Easter egg dye kit.

These eggs above were our first, fumbling attempts. Take a look at the complex design work of a real pysanky artist. Next year, we will not make the mistake of thinking we can pysanky in just an hour or two before dinner. This is an afternoon-long project.

By the way, finding the pysanky kits are not easy. Carrie bought this one on eBay: