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At the risk of sounding as crotchety as Old Man Cereal-Hater over here, can someone explain to me the point of the Washington Post‘s annual Beer Madness tournament? This year, the organizers of this 32-beer showdown opened up the competition to include beers from around the world, but it’s emerged even less coherent than before. Good American beer has been squeezed out almost entirely, with only four of the 32 beers coming from U.S. craft breweries. A third of the entrants are macrobrews. (Do you really want to vote on whether Tsingtao is better than Stella Artois?) The categories — lagers, dark beers, pale ales, and “freestyle” — propagate stereotypes that lagers are shitty chugging beers and that dark beers are all the same. And there’s some plain errors: Chimay Red is a molasses-sweet Belgian dubbel, not remotely a pale ale.

I suppose I should lighten up and look at it as a way to just compare some beers. But couldn’t they be good beers? Can you folks help me out?