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Carrie and I took the night off to watch the Nats takes on the Phils at Citizens Bank Park Nationals Stadium, where the opponent’s fans seemed to outnumber the locals by three to one. The beer vendors must have loved it, given the average Philly fan can drink a gummit wonk under the table (stadium seat?) without breaking an alcohol sweat.

Y&H is a serious fan of stadium beer vendors, particularly the ones who develop a style all their own. The bottle hawkers last night weren’t bringing their A game, at least the ones I saw. I didn’t encounter anyone on the level of this man and certainly no one approaching the legendary status of Fancy Clancy at Camden Yards or the Snap Dragon at Wrigley Field.

But at least no one was vending in the bathroom.

By the way, I like the new t-shirts on the vendors this year. Or are they just new to me? Y&H may appropriate the slogan for the year. Take a look: