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In honor of Earth Day, I ate a salad from the Sweetflow Mobile. Granted, I had to drive five miles out of my way to get it and I ordered it with a side of diced chicken, but still: I ate a salad today in honor Earth Day.

It was my first visit to the rolling fro-yo and salad supplier. It’s an efficient two-person operation, one pulling thick streams of tart, icy fro-yo (not my favorite on the market, at least not without adornment) and the other fulfilling requests for salads and/or oatmeal. Whatever these two women get paid, it’s not enough.

I ordered the “Farmers Market” salad by default — everything else was sold out, which tells you how busy the employees were at the corner of 20th and L streets NW today.

Lest I get charged with homophobic rhetoric again, my main problem with take-away salads is tossing them. See the picture below. Each ingredient is clumped together with its own kind, the boundaries between shaved almonds and sprouts and spicy quinoa, for example, as rigidly drawn as gang territories. You try tossing all those ingredients at your desk without the proper utensils (let alone space in the bowl) to do it. I usually end up using my hand and spilling those precious Sweetgreen organic ingredients everywhere. More important, there’s never an even distribution of ingredients.

Tossing aside, the “carrot chili vinaigrette” tasted more like garlic-carrot vinaigrette, even if its vibrant color would make Carrot Top jealous.  Frankly, the salad could use a little more carroty sweetness to balance its earthy and spicy nature. Unless I managed to spear enough dried cranberries, the salad was all out of whack.

But I tell you what, when I did pull together the right forkful, I got a glimpse into the salad designer’s mind — and for a brief, passing moment, it was a really sweet place to be.

The Farmers Market salad from Sweetflow

The $1 add-on chicken