Hate to remind you but Sunday is Mother’s Day, which just happens to be the No. 1 day to dine out during the entire fricking calendar year. Which means that if you haven’t booked a brunch reservation yet, you better start planning that home-cooked meal now.

Perhaps José Andrés can help. The ever-expanding celebrity chef (as in empire, not girth) just shared his flan recipe with OpenTable.com, which has its own blog now.  Andrés claims that he “serves his mother’s flan recipe at Jaleo,” but then provides a recipe that is “in my mother’s style.” He even, in a nice moment of simultaneously praising and criticizing his mama’s flan, writes:

My mother Marisa’s flan is imperfect, but I love it. Like all good Spanish mothers, she cooks her flan in an oven that gets too hot, creating small air bubbles in what should be a perfectly smooth and creamy dessert. Yet each of those bubbles takes me back to the Sunday lunches of my childhood, when me and my brothers would try to slurp up a flan in one glorious mouthful. This recipe is inspired by my mother’s flan, but the results are even better.

OpenTable has the full recipe here, if you’re so inclined to serve flan on Mother’s Day.