We had the pleasure of sitting down to share a few beers with Mike Kuykendall of East Coast Beer Cast last week. Mike, formerly a machine gunner on a U.S. Navy destroyer and now a business student, started his weekly podcast to promote East Coast beer and the community around it. If you haven’t yet, you are likely to run into him with his laptop and headsets out at Lost Dog Cafe or DC Bread & Brew, two of his favorite recording spots.

The three of us had such a good time geeking out over beer together that Mike decided to turn the interview into a two-part episode. (And we are apparently the first of his guests to require a bleep out for explicit language… Sorry, Mike.) Check out Part 1 for our beginnings in beer, how the D.C. beer scene has changed over time, what we do in this blog, and what we see in our future.

In Part 2 we talk about some of our stickier content on the blog and through social media, the beer blogging landscape, and what it’s like to write about beer. We also take some time to analyze GQ’s list of 50 beers to try before you die and name our desert island beers. (And as you might expect, things got a little looser as the night wore on…)

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Photo by Vieux Bandit used under a Creative Commons license