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Part of the joy and frustration of food trucks is hunting them down. With a hand-held device and a working Twitter account — assuming you don’t run into this lazy whale — you can take part in the culinary equivalent of geocaching.

Some days, of course, I don’t find the food-truck-hunting game very entertaining (particularly when the vendor moves from a previously announced place) and pine for a D.C. version of the L.A. food truck court.

Yesterday, I found such a place in the District — by accident. It was right outside the L’Enfant Metro station at 7th and Maryland SW, where no less than five trucks/carts were working, including the Fojol Bros. truck above, which had the longest line of them all.

Check out the other trucks/carts after the jump.

People will wait for 20 minutes or longer for an oversized bag of Washington Unikorn, the mobile popcorn vendor that has been doing its thing since 1992. The cart and its tireless owner are back on the streets for the spring and summer, once again selling gargantuan bags of buttery  goodness.

Sweetbites is new to the scene this week. Owner Sandra Panetta ditched her career as a scientist to launch her dessert and pastry truck.

Vending fresh pizza from a truck is no easy trick. The dudes behind the new DC Sliceshave found a way to make it work. They’ve installed a small conveyor oven in their truck and have a source on Capitol Hill provide fresh dough daily. For a five spot, you can get a slice and a drink, a helluva deal. I like DC Slices’ tart tomato sauce and the fresh chiffonade basil that you can have sprinkled on your ‘za. What I don’t like is the dry, flour-y crust with nary a lick of salt.

The old D.C. standby, still trying to make a go of it against the newbies.

Will these trucks always be at 7th and Maryland SW? Doubtful. But it’d be one of the first locations I’d check if I wanted to sample multiple food trucks.