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Canned beer, once the domain of Wonder Bread beer and the occasional outlier craft brewery, has grown into a major alternative to bottling, with more than 100 breweries opting for aluminum, from local artisans such as Baltimore’s Brewer’s Art to major players such as Harpoon and Avery. These days, even B.M. comes in cans. Enough has been said about the environmental and convenient benefits of canned beer, so I needn’t repeat them here.

But at the risk of getting all Mr. Feeny, I ask that you remember your glassware if you’re tasting some good canned brew this weekend. Beer cans seem to have an innate siren’s call begging you to suck straight out of that barely sharp-edged ring of aluminum, and there’s a time and place for everything — I too have had my Dale’s Pale Ale undecanted (canted?). But in the end, drinking from the can (or bottle) is like watching a movie with your eyes closed; you’re missing the sight and the smell, and a major part of the drinking experience. So when you’re putting on your beer goggles this weekend, use the glasses as well.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery