It’s more than halfway through the whirlwind week before SAVOR, and if you haven’t gotten yourself out to try some special beers, today’s the day to do it. The Three Floyds beer dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso is long sold out (surprised?), but today’s three remaining events should be calling your name like the first sip of beer at 4:59 p.m.

For a last-minute good time, my pick is the Odell tasting at The Brickskeller, where founder and brewmaster Doug Odell will introduce and serve eight of his beers. Which for now is a rarity, because the Fort Collins, Colorado-based brewery doesn’t distribute to D.C. yet. The sit-down tasting starts at 7 p.m., and kind of a bargain at $30. Tickets at

Truth be told, the Bruery dinner at Brasserie Beck will be the most amazing event tonight, if you have the $85 to drop. The four-course setting comes with five Bruery beers: Orchard White, Saison de Lente, Rugbord, Oude Tart, and Barrel-Aged Coton, and my God if I’m not considering spending the cash myself. Beck says they have a table or two left. For a non-ticketed event, Scion is sporting maybe the best deal in the city this week, offering all their drafts for $3.50 if you sit at the bar. Their selections include: Great Lakes Burning River, Great Divide Titan IPA, and my favorite saison at the moment, the frothy and dry Bruery Saison de Lente.

Finally, at A Toast to SAVOR at RFD, $30 gets you samples from 10 breweries, many of which are good but some of which are, let’s face it, the C-students of craft beer. Then again, the bottomless refills should help you gloss over such details.

For all the info on the beer events leading up to SAVOR, check the calendar above or go to Y&H’s master list.