This week we are doing a series on BrewDog, the renegade brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland, that is pushing the limits of what beer can be. Part 1 had background on the brewery and what founders James Watt and Martin Dickie are out to achieve. Part 2 looked at the innovative ways the brewery presents itself and its products. In today’s post, we give those of you headed to ChurchKey for the BrewDog event tonight a few quirky things to look for when you meet James Watt.

James Watt is a character. That much you can probably guess by some of his public appearances, in which he often dons a penguin suit or funny bow tie and hat. His sense of humor and quick wit come through in the brilliantly clever videos he and partner Martin Dickie have made as well. All the clowning around is a hoot, but what Tammy noted most after spending time with Watt in Baltimore in March is his absolute enthusiasm for beer and eagerness to infect others with it. Below are a few ways you may see both sides come through tonight.

  • If he catches you launching into one of his beers too quickly, he may encourage you to stop and politely greet your beer in an appropriate manner: looking at it, sniffing it several times, and saying “Hello. How are you?” before taking a sip.
  • He is so passionate about his beer that if you are taking notes, he may swipe them from you and fill in his own punkly poetic descriptions. Expect a drawing or two as well.
  • He likes to give pop quizzes. If he asks you a question and then points at you, be ready to answer. Don’t worry, he doesn’t judge and will give hints if you are clueless.
  • Using your fingers to make the quotes gesture young Americans are so fond of won’t fly with Watt. Apparently they don’t do that in Scotland. (Sounds like a nice place…)
  • If he likes you enough, he will give you a nickname and insist on calling you that for the rest of the evening. (Tammy was upgraded to “Tamitha” and our friends Meghan and Meredith were reduced to M1 and M2.)
  • After spending some time with him you are likely to hear his voice and Scottish accent instead of your when reading the rhetoric on BrewDog bottles.
  • He is genuinely interested in you and what you think of his beer, so don’t be afraid to walk up and talk to him. (Just don’t start with any of the Paradoxes if it’s your first time trying BrewDog. They could skew your view.)

You can meet James Watt and taste a good chunk of available BrewDog beers at ChurchKey this Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00pm. For more details, check out this week’s event post or our D.C. Beer Events Calendar.

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