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Ice cream maker extraordinaire Chip Hearn’s latest summer concoction, “Booger,” is a sensation at The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, reports the Associated Press. Yes, kids, it’s a dream come true; it’s OK to eat boogers.

Inspired by a jellybean of the same name, sampled during a taste-test last winter at Peppers, Hearn’s other business and a haven for hot sauce lovers, booger is now the latest craze. Tasting food from all over the country with a variety of different sauces turned into a tasting of weird jellybean flavors, when Hearn’s wholesale manager arrived with a bunch of jellybeans. As the boss, of course, Hearn got to try all the dreadful flavors–booger, earwax, and barf. And genius was born.

“Some people do eat their boogers–nobody eats their earwax,” Hearn tells Y&H, adding, “barf, the jellybean, tasted just like ick.” So, Hearn thought, “I’m going to make my version of what booger tastes like, and I’m going to make it look good.” He adds, “I did not pick a bunch of boogers for myself to get some ideas.”

Hearn created the flavor using cake batter-flavored ice cream, pasteurized separately to enable greater ease in mixing in other flavors, combined with a thick ribbon of caramel, colored green, and marshmallows from boxes of Lucky Charms cereal. He says he was careful to try a maintain the proper consistency and texture. “When one of my nephews or nieces picks out a big ol’ booger at dinner, it seems there is some substance to it,” he says.

Hearn presented Booger as one of 20 new concoctions at The Ice Cream Store’s annual spring ice cream social, where customers get to vote on their favorites. Booger came in second.

One customer told him, “I wouldn’t normally buy a kids flavor, but it was so good, I’d buy it for myself.”

Hearn believes ice cream is all having fun. Being on the cutting edge of flavor development only adds to it. The store used to serve “Viagra” ice cream, until the makers of the erectile dysfunction drug told him to stop for fear customers would think there was actually Viagra in the ice cream. It’s now called, “Looks Like Viagra.”

If booger’s not your thing, Hearn has some twists on the traditional: African Vanilla, Butternut Crunch, and 70 some other flavors. You can even try a BLT in a waffle cone topped with Beer, or a green fairy on the side. No joke, Hearn has Tomato, Bacon and Spinach–sounds like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in real life. The Beer ice cream is made with cappuccino and India Pale Ale from the local Dog Fish Head factory.

On Friday, there’ll be a promotion with hard liquors, where Hearn plans to “unleash the Green Fairy” flavor, complete with real absinthe. Summer’s never been sweeter.

Photo by KaCee97007. Creative Commons Attribution License.