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Who will win Top Chef D.C.? Bookmaker.com calculates the percentages. See explanation below.

Yeah, that’s right. There’s a sports book that’s handicapping the cheftestants on Top Chef this season, and the odds-on favorite is not who you’d expect it to be.

Despite publicly admitting that he wants to be the first contestant “to win every single challenge,” and despite winning the first two challenges during the debut episode, Angelo Sosa is not the favorite to win the whole contest. So says Bookmaker.com.

Go figure. Does bookmaker.com have some insider knowledge that the rest of us don’t?

According to a publicist for Bookmaker.com: The “+/-” column at left indicates the “return on the wager,” while the “percentage is the likelihood” that a chef will win the contest.

Y&H doesn’t pretend to understand gambling, which probably explains why I continue to have money in my bank account (although not as much as if I did understand gambling).