Is it my imagination or is President Obama deliberately and almost ostentatiously squeezing Dijon mustard onto his hamburger? Take that Hannity.

After the jump, check out a candid photo snapped by Y&H’s bud, Joe Epstein, when the D.C. editor of Thrillist happened to be a few doors down at Ray’s Hell Burger Too, as the two world leaders pulled in for burgers.

Writes Joe after the encounter:

I was eating a burger at Ray’s Too, which just opened up next door. By the time I saw the SUV’s and cruisers pull up, there was already a fairly sizeable crowd gathered on the sidewalk, and everyone there seemed confident it was Obama…maybe because of the size of the motorcade. I couldn’t see Medvedev, but Obama gave a little wave in response to the cheer he received when they opened his car door, and then walked right on in to Ray’s.

The police and secret service were cordial enough, though they weren’t overly excited about my picture taking….

I didn’t dare try to push past the throng to get a shot of him eating, but from what I hear, he certainly wasn’t intimidated by the burger!