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If there was any theme to Wednesday night’s episode of Top Chef D.C., it had to be this: Assistant White House chef Sam Kass is a total, to-die-for hunk, more than deserving of his spot on People magazine’s list of the 100 most beautiful people.

Serious Eats found Kass good enough to eat: “This week on Top Chef DC, a bunch of people whose names I still don’t know cooked a bunch of delicious looking food for a delicious looking man named Sam Kass (who just happens to be the assistant chef at the White House).”

Side Dish, the “daily destination for Dallas foodies,” writes, “Before we get into the Quick Fire Challenge, let’s talk about our guest judge, Sam Kass, and why my new life goal is to date/marry him. First of all, he cooks for the president. No big deal. Secondly, he’s hot.”

Eater thinks Kass is hot enough to make a straight man reconsider: “Our chefs file in for the Quickfire and see this week’s guest judge, Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass. Woah! Was Michelle in charge of this hire? I am a straight man, I am just saying I don’t think there is a place on that guy where you couldn’t crack a walnut, am I right? (No locavoro.)”

We Love DC was “busy staring at [Kass] wondering if it would be possible to get trapped in an elevator with both him and Tom.”

Entertainment Weekly is ready to make Kass a regular: “Side note: Does anyone else think Kass would make a rather handsome and astute regular judge? There’s something about his shaved head and him telling Kenny that a tomato is actually a fruit… it was working for me.”

OpenTable‘s Dining Check can see the cracks in the handsome veneer: “Tonight’s guest judge is Sam Kass, who is the assistant White House chef. He’s nice to look at, but he’s not all that nice to the contestants, as you’ll see.”

BrightestYoungThings tones down the Kass commentary just a touch: “Also, Eric Rippert is too French to deal with American cafeterias so he is nowhere to be found and we’re stuck looking at Sam Kass’ pursed lips and shiny shaven head and classic cheekbones that make him resemble a younger, handsomer Yul Brinner for the rest of the episode.”

God bless Carol Blymire over at the Washingtonian for going against the grain on Kass: “As the judges saunter in, it hits me: no Eric Ripert in this episode? We’re stuck with Sam Kass the whole time? Boooooooo, Bravo. Booooooooooo *pause to take a breath* ooooooooooooooooooo.”