We’ve all been there, right? You’ve just hit a restaurant where the food was, say, one cut above Purina-grade chow. You have no interest in taking the leftovers home, but you don’t want to appear rude (or wasteful), either, so you agree to box the crappy meal to go.

Then you toss it into the nearest Dumpster, creating even more waste than you would have originally.

I’m wondering if some patron at the Georgetown Paolo’s over the weekend might have followed a similar pattern, save for one thing: (S)he dumped the loathsome pie on the counter at the Apple Store just a few storefronts down. Or maybe (s)he just forgot the pizza?

Whatever the reason, that leftover pie was just sitting there like a dead fish, nobody wanting to claim it, touch it, or move it.

Which makes me wonder: Where’s the worst place you’ve ever dumped offending leftovers?