Spike Mendelsohn held a party last night at his forthcoming We, The Pizza on Capitol Hill. Y&H didn’t get an invite, but we understand. Some wounds take time to heal.

Regardless, Mendelsohn is planning to open his New York-style pizza joint on Monday, July 19, a week later than previously announced to the press. Through his publicist, the former Top Chef-er sent Y&H the following statement on the short delay:

“Opening dates are a moving target but we are excited to bring our pizza to the masses! There’s always plenty to do like finalizing music playlist and all. We had a lil friends + family gathering there last night. It got a bit rowdy!”

Back when Mendelsohn and I were still on speaking terms, the chef told me about the pizza project and how he didn’t want to launch yet-another Neapolitan joint. To prep for We, The Pizza, he visited some NYC pizzerias to refresh his palate on the kind of pies he wanted to create in D.C.

What’s interesting about his opening menu at We, The Pizza is its diversity. It includes not only some traditional and chef-driven pies (a round with bechamel, sauteed spinach, and roasted artichokes, for instance) but also “cast iron pies,” several versions of chicken wings, Italian subs, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, gelati, and Italian sodas.

Mendelsohn, in other words, is doing for rustic Italian-American food what he did for the All-American burger at Good Stuff Eatery: adapting it for the modern American (read: pampered) palate.

By the way, Y&H’s buds at Capital Spice have pictures of We, The Pizza, if you want to catch a glimpse of the place.