Back in May, when I spoke with the Red Hook Lobster Pound owners about why the Brooklynites decided to roll their food truck into D.C., they said they wanted to start selling rolls on District streets by the end of June.

Well, it’s July, folks. Where are those Maine- and Connecticut-style lobster rolls?

“We’re currently working on the design so the truck can get wrapped up (literally!) with graphics,” e-mails co-owner Douglas Povich, a telecommunications and technology lawyer based in D.C.  He’s the first cousin of Red Hook co-founder Susan Povich, daughter of Maury.

“I anticipate that we’ll pick it up in Texas at the end of next week. Assuming all goes well, we hope to have a launch party for you guys (press, food bloggers, etc.) sometime during the week of July 19.”

Douglas Povich also notes that Red Hook  will be selling lobster rolls during the Legg Mason Tennis Classic from July 31-August 8. Frankly, that may be the best reason to watch tennis in the August heat.