Small Plates at Ripple

Diggs’ saba-glazed pork belly with albacore tuna

Speaking of TLC programming, the owner of Ripple in Cleveland Park used to be the head of the cable channel back before he resigned in 2005. If Roger Marmet has scaled down his ambitions since his days at TLC, he has done so smartly with this wine-centered restaurant in the former Aroma space on Connecticut Avenue NW.

Former Blue Ridge chef Teddy Diggs is the man in charge of the kitchen and, aside from a case of the salt shakes, he’s turning out some thoughtful, well-crafted plates, like the ballotine of chicken wrapped in crispy skin and served with a delicate jus and fresh oysters. (See the photo after the jump). Or his housemade pork rillettes, which actually put the emphasis on the, you know, pork, not the fat.

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Small Plates at Ripple

Photos by Darrow Montgomery