Rolling, rolling, rolling….keep those food trucks rolling.

I’m not sure the streets around L’Enfant Metro will be able to handle all the new food trucks rolling our way. Yesterday, WaPo reported on Eat Wonky, the truck with the Canadian-like lust for poutine.  The same day, DCist briefly noted the forthcoming CapMac truck, which will peddle pasta, including (mmmm!) mac ‘n’ cheese.

Now it’s Y&H’s turn. I’ve been holding back on this one for awhile now, waiting for the truck to make its debut on the streets, but what the hell. Soon, Washingtonians will have another option for curbside fries — and milkshakes: It’s called the Fry Captain, and it’s the brainchild of Jake Sendar, the same Georgetown Day School grad and Vanderbilt student behind last year’s cool (very cool) minivan conversion.

“When we kind of shut down that truck for the summer, we were just thinking about what we wanted to do this summer because we wanted to get a head start,” Sendar told me recently. “We came up with a food truck idea. I started researching food trucks, and then I realized it was exploding in, I guess, Los Angeles and New York.”

“I just decided on French fries because the cost of potatoes is really low and… it’s very simple and everybody likes it,” he continued. “And yet, if you do it right, I feel like it can almost take on a new life. In Europe, if you go to France or Belgium especially…and actually in Canada, too, places like Ontario and Vancouver, frites carts or frites stands or French fry stands are very popular.”

The Fry Captain, like those foreign carts, is “a whole different concept,” Sendar said. “It’s not just like a side item or French fries and ketchup. It’s really good hand-cut French fries with a bunch of different dipping sauces, so people can mix and match and you can try different things each time…We’re doing seasonings, too, so you’ll be able to choose like chipotle salt, onion salt, garlic salt, truffle salt, a bunch of different combinations you can do.”

Y&H will have a longer Q&A with Sendar when the Fry Captain actually launches, which could be any day now.