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This is officially beyond silly, and we’re not just talking about the video above, which features cross-species frolicking in the woods. Scotland’s BrewDog has released yet another beer qualifying as “world’s strongest,” and this time they are declaring the act to be the death of beer.

If their 32%-ABV Tactical Nuclear Penguin and 41%-ABVSink The Bismarck weren’t enough to make you wonder if what BrewDog is making should rightly be called beer, well how about its latest salvo in the ABV wars? The End of History is a 55% ABV blond Belgian ale infused with Scottish highlands nettles and fresh juniper berries.  Only 12 bottles have been made and the going price is $800. Each bottle comes with a certificate of authentication and is packaged inside a dead animal (to symbolize the death of beer, no doubt).

Purists are likely to continue to call brewers James Watt and Martin Dickie cheaters because the process they use to make the beer involves freezing, but at 110 proof this malt beverage is impressive regardless. You tell us, does The End of History sound like something you’d like to drink?

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