Starting Friday, Y&H will be on vacation, far from computers and their crack-like ability to keep me addicted to them. No, I’ll be sleeping late, eating well, and trying to hide my spare tire with beach towels.

This is not the news.

The news is Greg Engert, beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, including Birch & Barley/ChurchKey, will be guest blogging on Y&H while I’m gone. He’ll be returning to his roots to a certain degree. Before he took a swan dive into beer, Engert studied English literature, with an eye on the professorial path.

Next week, his lectern will be the Y&H blog. He has an ambitious syllabus planned for you.

“I will shed light on what it is like to be a Beer Director, the job people seem to incessantly covet,” Engert e-mails. “And I plan on one post being a sort of day-in-the-life of a Beer Director. The blog will offer behind-the-scenes looks at the beer industry, new products, craft beer trends, highlights and lowlights from service, beer and food pairing ideas.”

He has many other topics he may touch upon as well, he writes, including:

  • What is in my refrigerator
  • Why I don’t sleep
  • Why beer styles are ridiculous
  • What Twitter has and hasn’t taught me about brevity
  • The notion of vintage brews
  • Lessons of beer & food: trust cork dorks, be wary of beer nerds
  • Best beer blogs
  • Cask ales
  • New keg techniques
  • Rate Beer vs. Beer Advocate
  • Glassware and temperature
  • Defining craft brewing

Damn, I almost wish I was going to be around to read all this.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery