Y&H is slack-jawed at the sheer, unrelenting reductionist myopia of this “interrogation” video of Tan Nguyen, co-owner of the terrific Rebel Heroes food truck. Princess/journalist Katie Pavlich (of course, it’s Katie) of the conservative Townhall.com grills Nguyen about naming a sandwich after Che Guevara.

Note how Nguyen is so insignificant in the Townhall worldview that princess/journalist Pavlich can’t be bothered to ask the truck owner for her name. At no time is Nguyen identified.

Anyway…the princess/journalist in the blue dress wants to know how Nguyen can have the temerity to go all Commie on us when the owner is clearly “operating your business in a Capitalistic society.” Pavlich, the princess/journalist, then provides some relevant details about the Cuban leader:

Guevara was, she notes, “responsible for the implementation of Cuban labor camps and the Communist regime in practice today run by the Castro brothers, both of which Che had a close, working relationship.”

Then the princess/journalist really gets in Nguyen’s face with this inquiry:

“Do you think that by saying it’s about the food being good, that people are going to get the impression that maybe Che was a good guy, because, you know, he executed people?”

Nguyen, to her considerable credit, manages to keep her cool in this onslaught of utter stupidity. I mean, she could have said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I should have named a sandwich after that other world leader who killed for his principles.”

For a more balanced and fascinating perspective on Guevara, read Ariel Dorfman‘s essay for Time, which named the rebel leader one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century.