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Y&H readers were surprisingly vocal about yesterday’s discussion of whether the emerging style of dark, hoppy beers should be called “black IPAs,” “Cascadian dark ales,” or “darkhoppytastygoodnessofneedlessdispute.” I’m pushing for “black IPA”; WaPo‘s Greg Kitsock likes “Cascadian dark ale.” Here’s what you thought:

“CDA” garnered votes from industry folk, such as @ThBlackSquirrel and @KnuckleHeadDC, a.k.a. Big Hunt bar manager Dave Coleman. Reader @MetromixSD took issue with the floridity of “cascadian” (“like, at least three syllables in that word, man”), while @jake_grover called the label “pretentious.” Then there’s this astute response, which notes that the mythical land of Cascadia does not merit its own beer.

@BillDeBeer Black IPA, far and away. I don’t base my beer nomenclature on fantasy US-Canada secession territories. Ever.

Thankfully, reader @Buffalo_Theory, the first responder, reminded us that beneath all the nomenclatural fuss, there’s a beer to be enjoyed. What does he call the new brews? “Delicious.”