You may have already heard that Tim Carman is going on vacation next week, which leaves The Lagerheads, The Beerspotter, and guest blogger Greg Engert of ChurchKey running the show on Y&H. That means we’ll be doing ALL BEER posts ALL WEEK. Oh, yeah!

We’d like to take this opportunity to run a Dear Abby-like interactive feature with our readers. Here’s how it will work. You comment to this post with a question or topic you would like the beer bloggers to discuss, and at least one, if not all three of us, will respond. Those of you who prefer can email us at

Questions or topics can be anything from “Which is better—draft or bottle?” to “You guys are always raggin’ on Bud. What’s so bad about it?” to “Where’s the best place to get cask ale in DC?” We’ll tell you what we think and then you can let us know what you think.

So let’s get started. Basic beer questions, thought-provoking issues, our takes on anything beer-related—ask away.

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